Uplifting Nepal’s Rural Smallholder Farmers — Technical Students’ Association of Nepal (TSAN)

Susmita Sigdel, Agriculture and Forestry University Short Abstract Agriculture plays a pivotal role in Nepalese economy and has the potential to significantly reduce poverty, enhance economic growth and entrench economic stability. Seventy percent of the country’s population lives in rural areas, and agriculture is their primary livelihood. While the share of agriculture in total […]

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Jules Pretty on Sustainable Agriculture

The role of the small-scaled family farming is neglected so far.


In recent years, there has been a calling for a more sustainable form of agriculture which will successfully feed a growing population whilst reducing the negative impacts on the environment. One such advocate is Jules Pretty, a multidisciplinary academic and author. This paper will look at Pretty’s contribution to the understanding of sustainable agriculture, drawing on his various publications as well as wider literature. It will begin by assessing Pretty’s interpretation of problems associated with modern food production systems, followed by a critique of his proposals.

The Problem

According to Pretty, there is something seriously wrong with our agricultural and food systems today. The food system is “faster, fitter and more streamlined” yet still flawed (2001). Despite advances in aggregate productivity due to events such as the green revolution where new varieties of crop, inputs and infrastructure tripled world agricultural production between 1961-2007 (Pretty et al. 2011), there have been…

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Camel is Turning from a Beast of Burden to a Modern Farm Animal

The peoples’ intelligence really works. Time is the best teacher.

Natural Health with the Camel Milk

Camel is the composite of all domestic animals with respect to its characteristics. Camel produces milk like the cow, fats like sheep, hair like the goat, riding like the horse, thick milk (Bactrian camel) like yak, work like the donkey, and hardy like mule etc. Every product of camel is useful, even urine and feces are valuable for medicinal use and paper production respectively. The long bones of camel are used by jewelers in some Arab and African countries. The camel rearing communities have very firm links with camel culture and camel production is not only a farming activity but part of heritage and culture.Detailed Nutritional Composition of Bactrian Camel’s Milkcropped-raziq.jpg

Camel was originally domesticated for its milk production in harsh and hostile ecosystems of the dry barren lands of Arabia. Later on, the trait of walking ability was the major selection criteria to use this precious animal in…

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When local knowledge brings innovation: A cattle farmer with a different approach — THE GFAR BLOG

A few days back I visited Manali, a famous tourist destination in northern India. Unlike most of the visitors, my trip was not for fun but research survey work. During one of the conversations with my colleagues, I heard about a farmer named Peter, who is based in Manali. As the name sounded unfamiliar – […]

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Realising the potential of Africa’s hidden talent

Much of agriculture in Africa is in the hands of poor, scattered populations served by inadequate infrastructure for agricultural research, outreach and training. The national institutions serving agriculture often lack the capacity to undertake research and technology transfer on a meaningful scale. In addition, much work undertaken in Africa is lost as a rapid turnover […]

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Farmers Hardship Under the Establishment’s Eyes — The People’s New World Order

Originally posted on Camel, food security and climate change: This year (2017), we noticed a stinging acceleration in the prices of certain agricultural commodities like Onion (from the June until now) and tomato (September to date) in Pakistan. During the same period, such products remained at the lowest prices in India. The higher prices of these…

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Goat is playing a Pivotal role in Rural Economy! Small Scaled Farming is a Hope

An article in ‘Animal’ compares the lifetime performance (mortality, maturity, nutrition, birth weight etc.) of West African Dwarf goats kept under various feeding systems.

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